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Product Category : Yarn
Sub Category : Filament Yarn
Product : Polyester DTY
Seller : ATC Pakistan Pvt Ltd (Pakistan)
Member Since : June 21st, 2011
Country of Origin : China
Selling Type : Globally

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Pattern : Others
Feature : Others
End Use : Others
Product Description
DTY SPECIFICATION ITEM DTY SPECIFICATION PACKING 01☆ 50D/144F           SD     1H +SLIGHT IMG 26.8KGS/7CONES 02 50D/72F or 96F        SD     2H +SLIGHT IMG 30.5KGS/6CONES 03 75D/36F            SD     SET YARN 30.5KGS/6CONES 04 75D/36F          SD 2H +(HEAVY OR SLIGHT) IMG 30.5KGS/6CONES 05 75D/72F or 96F      SD 2H +(HEAVY OR SLIGHT) IMG 30.5KGS/6CONES 06** 75D/72F          FD 2H +(HEAVY OR SLIGHT) IMG 30.5KGS/6CONES 07 75D/144F           SD     2H +SLIGHT IMG 30.5KGS/6CONES 08☆ 75D/192F           SD 2H +SLIGHT IMG 30.5KGS/6CONES 09 100D/36F           SD SET YARN 30.5KGS/6CONES 10 100D/36F           SD 2H +SLIGHT IMG 30.5KGS/6CONES 11 100D/72F or 96F        SD 2H +HEAVY IMG 30.5KGS/6CONES 12 100D/144F           SD 2H +SLIGHT IMG 30.5KGS/6CONES 13☆ 100D/192F or 288F       SD 2H +SLIGHT IMG 30.5KGS/6CONES 14 150D/48F           SD SET YARN 33KGS/6CONES 15 150D/48F          SD 2H +(HEAVY OR SLIGHT) IMG 33KGS/6CONES 16☆ 150D/48F           SD Low –Torque + HEAVY IMG 33KGS/6CONES 17 150D/96F           SD 2H +SLIGHT IMG 30.5KGS/6CONES 18 150D/144F           SD 2H +SLIGHT IMG 30.5KGS/6CONES 19 150D/144F(75D/72F/2 S+Z)   SD 2H +SLIGHT IMG 30.5KGS/6CONES 20 150D/288F           SD 2H +SLIGHT IMG 30.5KGS/6CONES 21 150D/288F(75D/144F/2 S+Z)  SD 2H +SLIGHT IMG 30.5KGS/6CONES 22☆ 150D/384F(75D/192F/2 S+Z)  SD 2H +SLIGHT IMG 30.5KGS/6CONES 23 200D/192F or 288F       SD 2H +SLIGHT IMG 30.5KGS/6CONES 24☆ 200D/384F(100D/192F/2 S+Z)  SD 2H +SLIGHT IMG 30.5KGS/6CONES 25☆ 300D/96F(150D/48F/2 S+Z)   SD 2H +HEAVY IMG 33KGS/6CONES 26☆ 300D/288F           SD 2H +SLIGHT IMG 33KGS/6CONES 27☆ 300/576F(150/288F/2 S+Z)   SD 2H+HEAVY / SLIGHT IMG 30.5KGS/6CONES (二) FDY SPECIFICATION ITEM FDY SPECIFICATION PACKING 01☆ 50D/144F Small Packing 28 KGS/ 4 CONES Big Packing 504 KGS/72CONES 02☆ 150D/288F 03 40D/12F/24F 04 45D/24F 05 50D/24F/36F/48F 06 55D/36F 07 60D/24F 08 63D/24F 09 66D/24F/48F 10 68D/18F/24F 11 75D/36F/72F/144F 12 100D/72F 13 150D/96F 14☆ 75D/36F FLAT YARN 15☆ 100D/36F FLAT YARN 16☆ 150D/72F FLAT YARN (三) POY SPECIFICATION ITEM FOR FINAL DTY SPECIFICATION PACKING 01 50D / 48F/ 72F / 96F / 144F Big Packing 540KGS/36CONES 02 75D / 36F / 72F/ 96F / 144F/ 192F 03 100D / 36F /72F / 96F/ 144F / 192F 04 150D / 48F / 96F / 144fF/ 192F/ 288F 05 200D/72F / 96F
Company Profile
Introduction to ATC Pakistan MISSION STATEMENT The leading one stop B2B supplier of textile systems, technological components & services to the Textile Industry in Pakistan. HISTORY ATC was established in 1964 to provide textile technology to the Pakistani industry. The group has diversified operations from textile services , textile components manufacturing to food processing. With offices located in Karachi and Lahore, it provides full sales service to an extensive customer base throughout the textile industry in Pakistan Product Range On behalf of ATC, we can offer you a wide variety of yarn in the following categories: • Cotton Yarn ranges from 7/1 CDD/CMD WVG/KNT to 40/1 CDD/CMD WVG/KNT from both Local and Imported Cotton from Pakistan, India, & Vietnam. • PC Yarn ranges from 10/1 CDD to 40/1 CDD KNT or WVG either Blend • CVC Yarn with either Blend • Melange Yarn • Dyed Yarn in OE and Ring • DTY, FDY, and POY from Chinese Region • Sewing and Embroided Thread from Chinese and Taiwanese Region • Perfect Fleece Fabrics Competitive Advantage We only work with committed and quality suppliers and buyers. At ATC, you will find satisfaction of commitments in terms of getting Shipments to be done in time as well as as per Sales Contract. What we commit we fulfill. • Best Services • Competitive Prices • Quality Assurance based on machinery analysis • Shipments Inspections • In time Shipments • After Sales Services If any complaint Quality Control Process: We are continuously improving our quality control through feedback of our potential customers as well as through inspections of each shipment done by our Quality Control Inspector either in Export or Import. Business Philosphy: “Quality Buyers and Quality Suppliers”
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