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HSHMPE fiber
Product Category : Fiber
Sub Category : Special Fibers
Product : Chemical Fiber
Seller : Jiangsu Safero Security Products Co.,Ltd (China)
Member Since : March 8th, 2010
Country of Origin : China
Selling Type : Globally

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Pattern : Others
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Product Description
SF HSHMPE fiber-Regarded as one of the world's three high performance fibers (carbon fiber aramid fiber and UHMWPE fiber). SF HSHMPE fiber use UHMWPE powder as raw material ,processed by Gel Spinning ,ultra makes previous interwining &disorder array big molecule untwist to reach to ultra-high degree of orientation and degree of crystallinity ,so make characteristics as Light weight ,soft, high molecular weight, high degree of orientation and high crystallization.low density, high modulus, UV resistance corrosion resistance, outstands anti-impact and anti-incision. High Tenacity15 times over steel and 10 times over normal chemical fiber. High Modulus just next to superfine carbon fiber. . Low Density: with a density of 0.97g/cm3, lower than the water, so it can float on water. UV resistancecorrosion resistance,acid-resistant ,alkali-proof,salt tolerance Excellent abrasion resistant, soft ,long Bending life SF HSHMPE fiberMelting Point:144152, the tenacity and modulus decrease when temperature ascend .however it will change nothing when temperature under 0 .there is no brittle point when -150 .so SF-Y fiber has big avail range of temperature -15070 .also, there is no serious performance drop when shortly expose when 110℃
Company Profile
Jiangsu Safero Security Products Co.,Ltd is a high-new technology enterprise which is specialized in research ,manufacture ,sales of High Tenacity and High Modulus PE fiber (UHMWPE fiber) and its derived products. We own powerful strength, sophisticated technologies, a group of professional talents .we engage in high quality High Tenacity and High Modulus PE fiber and its derived products persisting in the Business Ideas of "Quality first, Service first, Credit first, Mutual benefits”, we are doing our warmest enthusiasm to meet the fast growing new market demand . Our main products including: ----High Tenacity and High Modulus PE fiber (UHMWPE fiber) ----High Tenacity and High Modulus PE fiber series: UD fabric, Bulletproof Plate, Light Weight and Soft Bulletproof Vest, Bulletproof Helmet, High Tenacity Thread, Rope, etc.. We sincerely hope to cooperate with merchants in china and overseas to create high quality products, develop hand in hand and build a beautiful future!
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