elastic band crochet machine
Product Category : Machinery
Sub Category : Knitting
Product : Crochet Machine
Member Since : March 7th, 2010
Country of Origin : China
Selling Type : Globally

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Product Information
Brand Name : Santa
Model No : 260
Product Description
SGD-260 Band crochet machine can manufacture laces, elastic and non-elastic bands, Rubber band,medical bandages and fancy lace. The product range can be used in clothes, shoe lace, and medicine. Gauges come into 15, 18 and 20 or according to customer\'s request.Automatic lubrication for link chain system allows the machine to run quietly and smoothly at high speed. Technical parameter Operation breadth: 762mm(30inch) Gauge: 15, 18, 20G Weft bars: 2--6 bars control device: 1 set operating motor(1.5hp): 1 unit rubber feeder system: 2 set width-wise device(260mm): 1 set bearded needle(G2): 400pcs weft guide tubes: 100pcs tube for width bandage: 10pcs block needle: 5pcs dropper: 400pcs tool: 1set/3set creel for 260 bobbins(max.#20cm): 1 set beam holder: 1 set net weight of machine: 750kg net weight of creel: 235KG machine size: 2800 x 1240 x 1900 mm
Company Profile
SGD-950 Lace crochet machine,SGD-980 Fancy yarn crochet machine,SGD-260 Lace&Band crochet machine,SGD-1700S Upholstery fabrics crochet machine,SGD-3300S Upholstery fabrics crochet machine,SGD2180 Multifunctional NC compound twisting machine,SGD-152 Fancy yarn twisting machine,SGD168-A computerized flanged bobbin winding machine,SGD168 Computerized spooler machine,AGEN280 air covering yarn machine,SGD280A/B high speed rewinding machine,AGEN983-A/B mixing intermingled machine,SGD180 precision bobbin winding machine
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