60ne 100% viscose yarn
Product Category : Yarn
Sub Category : Spun Yarn
Product : Viscose Yarn 100%
Seller : ZhangJiaGang Prancy Dragon Textile Co.,Ltd (China)
Member Since : December 28th, 2010
Country of Origin : China
Selling Type : Globally

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Product Information
Pattern : Others
Feature : Others
Type : Others
End Use : Garment (Apparel)
Product Description
viscose yarn 1)yarn count:60/1ne 2)style:ring spun by auto cone 3)100%viscose 4)usage:knitting and weaving viscose yarn . 1)counter is from 16ne/1 or 16ne/2(27nm/1 or by 2) to 60ne/1 or 60ne/2(103nm/1 or by 2) 2)Package: raw white in hank or on cone by bale or carton 3)End using for weaving, circle knitting machine and flat knitting machine. 4)Transport way: c&f or cif destination port. 5)Payment way: l/c or t/t deposit with d/p at sight. 6)Details of our products, pls check our website:www.pdtex.com
Company Profile
Zhangjiagang prancy dragon textile co., ltd is a professional company who’s mostly engaged in kinds of yarns. Our company is located in zhangjiagang city which is one of the most famous textile cities in Jiangsu province and it is very near shanghai city. Our main products as below: 1) Fancy twisting series : lily yarn(hollow tube yarn), feather yarn, boucle yarn, slub yarn, knot yarn, T/T yarn, PP yarn, brushed yarn,8-like yarn, butterfly yarn, eyelash yarn, and so on 2) Hand knitting ball yarn series : made by wool, mohair, angora, acrylic, viscose, polyester, nylon, cotton, 3) Wool yarn series : high bulky yarn, Sunday angora yarn, wool blended yarn, viscose blended yarn, cotton blended yarn, acrylic blended yarn, wool yarn, cashmere yarn , mohair yarn and so on. 4) Chenille yarn series : from 1nm to 8nm chenille yarn made by different material like acrylic,viscose , polyester, cotton/viscose , boucle chenille yarn , can be dyed and undyed. 5) Spun yarn series : viscose yarn from 16ne/1 (16ne/2) to 60ne/1 (60/2ne) for weaving and flat knitting and circle knitting .non bulky acrylic yarn , cotton yarn . Application: Hand Knitting, Knitting , Weaving, Carpet, Curtain, Shawls, Scarves, Gloves, Home Furnishing fabrics, sweater, Upholstery and Blanket. Our products is mainly exported to south America, Europe, Africa, south-east asia and middle east and always get good reputation from our customer PRINCIPLE OF THE COMPANY: “CUSTOMERS FIRST, PARAMOUNT CREDIT BASED ON OUR BEST SERVICE” All customers are welcome to cooperate with us for win-win business at any time.
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