Solvent Dyes
Product Category : Dyes And Chemicals
Sub Category : Dyes
Product : Solvent Dyes
Seller : Phoenix Colours (India)
Member Since : December 4th, 2011
Country of Origin : India
Selling Type : Globally

Product Preview
Product Information
Type : Solvent
Purity : 99%
Product Description
Solvent Dyes, Petroleum Dyes, Lubricant Colors, Plastic Dyes, Polish, Soap Colours Solvent dyes ( for abs plastic, engineering plastic, polyolefins, polymer soluble dyes ) Solvent orange 60 Solvent orange 63 Solvent orange 105 Solvent yellow 33 Solvent yellow 43 Solvent yellow 93 Solvent yellow 109 Solvent yellow 157 Solvent yellow 163 Solvent yellow 172 Solvent yellow 185 Solvent red 52 Solvent red 68 Solvent red 111 Solvent red 135 Solvent red 168 Solvent red 172 Solvent red 179 Solvent red 207 Solvent violet 13 Solvent violet 14 Solvent violet 26 Solvent violet 41 Solvent blue 58 Solvent blue 102 Solvent blue 104 Liquid solvent dyes ( for petroleum products, lubricants, gasoline ) Solvent orange 2 Solvent orange 14 Solvent orange 98 Solvent red 19e Solvent red 24 Solvent red 161 Solvent red 164 Solvent red 215 Solvent yellow 56 Solvent yellow 107 Solvent yellow 124 Solvent yellow 174 Solvent blue 79 Solvent blue 98 Solvent violet 44 Solvent green 33 Solvent dyes ( powder form solvent dyes for oil, wax, soap ,polish, stains, petroluem products, lubricants) Solvent orange 7 Solvent red 1 Solvent red 23 Solvent red 24 Solvent red 168 Solvent red 207 Solvent yellow 2 Solvent yellow 14 Solvent yellow 16 Solvent yellow 18 Solvent yelloe 28 Solvent yellow 33 Solvent yellow 56 Solvent yellow 72 Solvent violer 13 Solvent violet 14 Solvent green 3 Solvent blue 35 Solvent blue 58 Solvent blue 59 Solvent dyes ( solvent bases dyes for ink, ball pen ink, permanent marking ink etc. ) Solvent orange 3 Solvent red 49 Solvent violet 8 Solvent violet 9 Solvent blue 4 Solvent blue 5 Solvent blue 38 Solvent blue 43 Solvent black 5 Solvent black 7 Solvent black 46 For more details please go through our website: www.phoenixcolours.com Solvent dyes is also known as Oil Colours OR Petroleum dyes OR Solvent Bases. It is used in Oil,Wax, Polish, Plastic, Stains, Soap, Petroleum Products, Lubricants, Gasoline Products, Ink, Ball Pen Ink, Marking Ink, Solvent base Ink, Plastic, PET, Masterbatch, Coating & many other industry.
Company Profile
Manufacturer & Exporter of Dyestuffs,Pigments, Intermediates & Chemicals based in INDIA. Specialized in Direct Dyes, Paper Dyes, Ink Dyes, Leather Dyes, Acid Dyes, Basic Dyes, Liquid Dyes, Solvent Dyes, Pigment Powder & Paste Full Range. For more details please go through our website: www.phoenixcolours.com
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