Shipbuilding & oil platform steel plate
Product Category : Machinery
Sub Category : Other Textile
Product : Textile Humidification Machine
Seller : Wuhan we-all iron and steel co.,Ltd (China)
Member Since :
Country of Origin : Bolivia
Selling Type : Globally

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Product Information
Brand Name : we-all
Model No : 02
Product Description
Main steel grade Carries out the standard A,B,D,E(Z15.Z25.Z35) AH32-FH32(Z15.Z25.Z35) AH36-FH36(Z15.Z25.Z35) API SPEC 2H Gr.42.Gr.50 A131(GrA,B,D,E,CS,AH32,AH36,DH32,DH36,EH32,EH36, FH32,FH36,AH40,DH40,EH40,FH40 2H(Gr42,50) 2W(TMCP)(Gr42,50,50T) A32,A36,A40,D32,D36,D40,E32,E36,E40,F32,F36,F40 A420,A460,A500,A550,A620,A690,D420,D460,D500,D550,D620,D690 E420,E460,E500,E550,E620,E690,F420,F460,F500,F550,F620,F690 A27S,D27S,E27S , NV360-0A,-0N,NV360-1FN NV410-0A,-0N,NV410-1FN,NV460-0A,-0N,NV460-1FN NV490-0N,NV490-1FN,NV510-1FN NV0.3Mo,NV1Cr0.5Mo,NV2.25Cr1Mo 360,410,460,490,360FG,410FG,460FG,490FG,510FG 13CrMn4-5,11CrMo9-10 AH42,AH46,AH50,AH55,AH62,AH69,DH42,DH46,DH50,DH55,DH62,DH69 EH42,EH46,EH50,EH55,EH55,EH62,EH69,FH42,FH46,FH50,FH55,FH62 FH69,1.5Ni,3.5Ni,5Ni,9Ni,B420,B460,B500,N15,N35,N50,N90 M,CIM,C2M1,KA32,KA36,KA40,KF32,D32,D36,D40,F36,E32,E36,E40,F40 KP42,KP46,KP49,KPA46,KPA49,KPV24,KPV32,KPV36,KPV46,KPV50 CCS,DNV,GL, LR,BV,ABS, GB5313 API Main use Uses in manufacturing the hull, the marine extraction platform, the platform tube contact and other structural elements.
Company Profile
Wuhan we-all iron and steel co.,Ltd was established by excellent steel resources which has abundant capital strength. The company is mainly engaged in steel products export, processing, retailing, transportation and technology consultation business. The main products include High strength structural plate, Boiler and Pressure vessel plate, Shipbuilding plate,Special Steel plate, automobile sheet, cold rolled sheet, silicon steel,Stainless steel and so on. All of our steel products have the ISO9000 Quality Certification. The Shipbuilding plates have got CCS,GL,DNV,NK,KR,LR,ABS and BV Classification Society Certification. We can supply the Classification Society Certification according to different client's requirements.
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