Acid Yellow 36
Product Category : Dyes And Chemicals
Sub Category : Dyes
Product : Acid Dyes
Seller : Dongguang County Honghao Dyeing Chemical Co.,Ltd (China)
Member Since : January 29th, 2011
Country of Origin : China
Selling Type : Globally

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Product Information
Type : Acid
Purity : 100%
Product Description
Acid Yellow 36 {H.S. Code}: 3204140000 {Color Index}: C.I. Acid Yellow 36 {CAS No.}: 587-98-4 {Molecular Structure}: {Molecular Formula}: C18H14N3NaO3S {Molecular Weight}: 375.37 {Other Names}: C.I. Acid Yellow 36, Acid Gold Yellow G;Acid Golden G;Acid Leather Yellow PRW;Acid Leather Yellow R;Acid Metanil Yellow G;Acid Metanil Yellow MT;Acid Yellow Metanil;Aizen Metanil Yellow;Amacid Yellow M;BTK Metanil Yellow;Basacid Yellow 230;Basacid Yellow 232;Basacid Yellow 234;Borunil Yellow A-G;Brasilan Metanil Yellow;Bucacid Metanil Yellow;C Ext.Yellow 10;C.I. 13065;Calcocid Yellow MXXX;Cogilor Yellow 114.12;ColorosacidYellow Methanilic;Conacid Yellow CK;Diacid Metanil Yellow;Dinacid MetanilYellow;Duasyn Acid Yellow C 01;Dyacid Yellow M;Dycosacid Golden Yellow G;Dycosacid Metanil Yellow MT;Dycosacid Yellow MT;Egacid Yellow M;EgacidYellow MA;Eniacid Metanil Yellow GN;C Yellow 1;Ext D and CYellow No. 1;Fabracid Yellow S-M;Fenazo Yellow M;Hidacid Metanil Yellow;HispacidYellow MG;Ichoacid Metanil Yellow R;Indacid Metanil Yellow;Japan Yellow 406;Japan Yellow No. 406;Java Metanil Yellow G;KI 406;Kemacid Metanil Yellow R;Kiton Orange MNO;Kiton Yellow MS;Lowalan Yellow 36;Metanil Yellow;MetanilYellow 1955;Metanil Yellow 205;Metanil Yellow 216;Metanil Yellow 222;Metanil Yellow 23035;Metanil Yellow C;Metanil Yellow E;Metanil Yellow Extra;Metanil Yellow F;Metanil Yellow G;Metanil Yellow Griesbach;Metanil Yellow K;Metanil Yellow KRSU;Metanil Yellow M;Metanil Yellow M 3X;Metanil Yellow O;Metanil Yellow PL;Metanil Yellow R;Metanil Yellow S;Metanil Yellow Supra P;Metanil Yellow VS;Metanil Yellow WS;Metanil Yellow Y;Metanil Yellow YK;Metanile Yellow O;Metanilic Yellow;Mitsui Metanil Yellow;Multacid Yellow M;Multicuer Yellow AM;Pacid Mentanil Yellow BG;Paper Metanil Yellow P;RemadermYellow HPR;Ritacid Metanil Yellow;Rybacel Yellow AM; Product Specification: {Appearance}: Yellow Even Powder {Strength}: 100% {Shade Tone}: Approximately to the standard. {Moisture %}: 5.0 Max {Insoluble Substance in Water %}:1.0 Max {Degree of Fineness (80 Mesh) %} : 5.0 Max (Note: The Fineness is detected by the content of the screenings by 80 Mesh Sieve) {Packages}: 25kg or 40kg Iron Drum/ Fibre Drum/Carton, or meet the requirements of customers. {Storage&Transportation}: It must be stored in shade,dry&well-ventilate warehouse. Avoid to be contacted with oxidizing chemicals and combustible organic substances. Keep it away from direct sunlight,heat,sparks and open flames. Carefully handle the product and avoid damaging the package. Application: a> Dyeing and Printing Cotton and Viscose Fabric b> Dyeing and Printing Silk,Wool,Vinyon and Nylon Fabric c> Dyeing and Printing Paper Pulp,etc. Payment: T/T or L/C Minimum Order: 1000KGS {Packages}: 25kg or 40kg Iron Drum/ Fibre Drum/Carton, or meet the requirements of customers. Origin: Dongguang County Honghao Dyeing Chemical Co.ltd, Hebei Province, China Web:http://www.honghaochem.com Msn:[email protected] Phone:+86-317-7896222 Mobile:+86-15031713099 Fax:+86-317-7727900
Company Profile
Dongguang County Honghao Dyeing Chemical Co.,Ltd. has engaged in producing various dyestuffs and pigments for more than twenty years. Our company has passed the ISO9002 international quality system certification, and we have also obtained self-import & export license. Our self-developed dyestuffs have a good domestic market, and also export overseas in large quantities. Our business scope stretches to direct dyes, basic dyes, acid dyes and dyestuff intermediates. Basing on the principle of mutual beneficial and win-win idea, we sincerely look forward to setting cooperation and business relationship with the related parties from home and abroad, to striving for a mutual development and prosperity. Email: * [email protected] Web: * www.honghaochem.com Phone: * +86-317-7896222 Fax: * +86-317-7727900 Mobile: * +86-15031713099 Country/Territory: * CN Province/State: * Hebei Province City: * Dongguang County Street Address: * Puzhao Street 8# Zip/Postal Code: * 061600 No 8.Puzhao Street, Dongguang County,Cangzhou City, Hebei Province,China zip code:061600 Direct dyes,liquid dyes,basic dyes,acid dyes and dyestuff intermediates
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