Angola - Programme to re-launch cotton production in Angola concluded by March
Dated- 09 Feb , 2011 - Angola
The National Programme to Re-launch Cotton Production in Angola, which also aims to re-launch the textile industry, is due to be concluded by next March, weekly newspaper Expansão reported.

Carlos Francisco Canza, of the National Agriculture, Livestock and Forestry Directorate told the newspaper that this was an integrated process that also included installing factories for processing cotton, as well as revitalisation of the clothing sector, which is being carried out by South African consulting company Angola Alliance, with the involvement of technicians from the Angolan Agriculture Ministry.

Canza told Expansão that the project involved around 120,000 rural workers and covered 120,000 hectares.

"at an initial stage production will only be launched in the provinces of Malanje and Kwanza Sul, which have a great tradition of cotton cropping, (...) to later be extended to another group of provinces notably Benguela, Bengo and Kwanza Norte, amongst others," said Carlos Canza.

The programme includes installation of 11 cotton processing factories in the provinces of Malanje, Kwanza Norte, Kwanza Sul, Benguela and Bengo.

Canza also said that funding had already been secured for Malanje provided by both Indian company Angellique International e and the Angolan Ministry for Industry, totalling US$15 million and work is due to begin this year.

The national programme is also linked to the recovery of three textile factories in the provinces of Luanda, Kwanza Norte and Benguela for which funding of US$1.2 billion has already been secured from the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC).

Canza also said that by the end of March work to launch the second phase of the project to revitalise the cotton industry would begin. The second phase of work is expected to cost US$18.5 million and funding will be provided by the South Korea Export/Import Bank.

In 1973 Angola produced around 86,000 tons of raw cotton, and was considered to be one of the world’s largest producers of cotton.

In 1990 Angola produced around 3,000 tons of cotton.

Source: macauhub .
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