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PriceWatch Report - 21 April 2014

Polyester Staple Fiber Price Trends
Polyester Filament Yarn Price Trends
Purified Terephthalic Acid Price Trends
Paraxylene Price Trends
Polyester Chips - Fiber Grade Price Trends
Monoethylene Glycol Price Trends
Ethylene Price Trends
Nylon Filament Yarn Price Trends
  Nylon filament yarn markets continued to get support from the slight rally in caprolactum and nylon chip prices. Downstream knitting mills purchased as needed given tight liquidity, and slight improvement was seen from weaving mills. Besides, domestic competition of homemade textile products is anticipated to strengthen on Chinese currency depreciation, so transaction may be enhanced.
Benzene Price Trends
  Asian benzene prices dropped this week as the laycans rolled over midweek. Last week, prices had surged on firm regional demand and the open arbitrage window to the US. In Europe, as scarcity was expected to ease going forward benzene prices erased previous day\'s gains to close down on the day but were up on the week.
Polyamide Chips Price Trends
  As caprolactum prices headed slightly north, cost support to nylon chip prices inched up while their inventory was on the decline. Semi-dull high-speed spinning nylon-6 chips, with stable downstream operation and rising purchasing atmosphere, inventory started declining, thus, prices continued to inch up.
Caprolactum Price Trends
  Caprolactum markets in Asia maintained the mild rebound supported by last week’s benzene rally, tolerable downstream demand and tight supplies of low-end goods. Nylon chip market bounced back and run rates at polymerization units were raised amid low inventory Nylon textile yarn makers were also running at high capacity but inventory were still at 25-30 days’ worth.

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