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World's first spider-silk factory to be developed in Vietnam

YarnsandFibers News Bureau, 2014-01-10 10:25:00 - LANSING

News Tags: plain old silk, silkworms, spider silk factory, University of Wyoming

World's first spider-silk factory to be developed in Vietnam

The world's first comprehensive commercial spider-silk production facilities to be developed in Vietnam with Kraig Biocraft Laboratories partnering with University of Wyoming and the University of Notre Dame to genetically engineer silkworms to produce spider silk, expects to sign and announce a landmark spider silk production agreement with the country of Vietnam.

Spider silk has a number of unusual physical properties, including much higher tensile strength and elasticity than plain old silk. Spider-silk fibers have many current and possible biomedical applications, such as improved wound bandages and fine suture materials. The material is strong enough that it's also being considered for ligament repair or replacement. Other uses include bulletproof vests, structural fabrics and automobile airbags.

Until the development of silkworms that could create spider silk, only very small quantities of spider silk was produced artificially in laboratories. Notre Dame's Malcom Fraser Jr. worked with University of Wyoming researcher Randy Lewis, a biochemist who is one of the world's foremost authorities on spider silk, and Don Jarvis, a noted molecular geneticist who specializes in insect protein production, genetically engineered silkworms in which they incorporated specific DNA taken from spiders.

Kraig's CEO, Kim Thompson, is in Vietnam meeting with numerous government officials and corporate leaders to discuss setting up world's first comprehensive commercial spider-silk factory in Vietnam . The move is part of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung's development of a high-tech industries platform.

Spider silk technology that spun its first web at the University of Wyoming will go international.


News Tags: plain old silk, silkworms, spider silk factory, University of Wyoming

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