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New DNA technology to identify textile material

YarnsandFibers News Bureau, 2014-01-25 16:30:00 - New York

News Tags: DNA technology, textile and apparel industry, textile material

New York
New DNA technology to identify textile material

Applied DNA Science has announced the roll out of a new technology for textile and apparel industry. A new DNA based technology which can help company to identify textile raw material as well as finished products. SigNature T is the new DNA-based security platform made by a proprietary (patent pending) technology.

Fibres, yarn, fabric, garments and labels can be marked with unique, secure and enduring SigNature DNA that can be definitively authenticated at any point in the supply chain.

The new binding and extraction techniques have enabled a cost-effective, even more flexible and robust anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion protection for textiles and apparel, including military protective wear.

Dr James A. Hayward, CEO and President, Applied DNA Sciences, stated that they believe the existing climate of counterfeiting and diversion within the textile industry is about to experience a dramatic change. Manufacturers armed with SigNature T markers, will gain the upper hand with a flexible, forensic, impenetrable product authentication tool, protecting textiles from fibre to hanger.

High quality fibres, including merino wool, Extra Long Staple (ELS) cotton, cashmere, silk, and even high performance polyester fibres, can be marked at the original point of manufacture, prior to baling. The SigNature DNA application requires no change to the existing production process, and can be controlled so that each bale or batch can be marked and tracked throughout the supply chain.

Hundreds of millions of kilograms of fibre can be marked using a single DNA marker, offering strong adhesion to the fibre, and providing a means to authenticate anywhere along the supply chain from fibre to the finished product; from distributor, to retailer, to consumer.


News Tags: DNA technology, textile and apparel industry, textile material

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