Polyester yarn prices rise in India, down in China

YarnsandFibers News Bureau , 17-03-2017 11:23 -

In Shengze, offers for 32s polyester yarn moved down US cents 2 a kg in the first week of March. In Qiangqing, 32s weaving yarn was also down US cents 2 a kg on the week.

Offers for spun polyester yarns of some specs in Shengze market were weakly stable on the back of limited orders. Offers also moved down accordingly on the back of poor enquiring and selling sentiment and weakened in line with PSF price that week.

Indian polyester yarn pricing also ruled higher despite the stagnant PSF cost. However, volatile cotton and cotton yarn prices were supporting polyester at the moment. Polyester yarn 30 knit yarn prices inched up INR1 a kg (up US cents 2) in Ludhiana market.

In Pakistan, polyester yarn prices inched up as PSF prices remained unchanged in the week. Yarn prices are expected to hold on to their current level, despite a new decline in raw material prices in Asia. 20s polyester yarn prices inched up PakRe1 per pound (up US cents 2 a kg) while 30s and 60s rolled over on the week.

Courtesy: Weekly PriceWatch Report

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