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Rehbros Embroidery Yarn Mfg. Co.

All good things start up with an initiative, are developed through hard work, resolve and a clear insight of the elaborate processes involved. Our Premier Product, Metallic Yarn exhibiting its superlative & resplendent characteristics is absolutely appropriate for Embroidering, Weaving, Knitting and other Value added fabrics. We strive to provide our customers with finest quality Embroidery,Weaving & Knitting supplies, at the best price & with the best service. REHBROS is the name for High Quality Products all over the world. Years of experience and demanding Quality Control are united to give rise to the finest quality Embroidery, Weaving & Knitting Yarns available. We welcome any questions, comments or requests for information, which you may have in your mind concerning our Products.

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Saleem R. Chandna
address 1
Plot No. 3 & 12, Sector B - 9,
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General Manager
address 2
Karachi Export Processing Zone,

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Filament Yarn

  • pattern : Others
  • features : Others
  • end use : Embroidery

product description : Metallic Yarns are used for enhancing the Value of Fabric & Garments. Metallic Yarns can be used

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